Stray Dogs

Some towns in Romania have a problem with stray dogs. Typically the idea is to avoid strays, but… there are some people that don’t always heed that warning.

*innocent cough*

But look at it’s face! How could you not show it love?

So I thought I’d share an entertaining tale of my encounter with one such Romanian canine. I did cave in and feed the dog pictured above, but the story I’m about to tell you is about a different dog (so don’t have any hard feelings against the cutie above!).

Once upon a time…

…I journeyed to the faraway land of Romania. (Okay, I’ll cut it out now and get to the story.)

The first time I went to Romania, my team and I stayed at a hotel that overlooked the town below. It was the summer of 2010, and they had not had much rain in the region. But one day while we were there, we saw the storm clouds approaching in the distance and knew we would soon be in for a downpour.

It wasn’t long before it started raining. We all gathered outside on the porch of the hotel since the cool air was a relief from the heat. Suddenly, a dog came running up onto the porch to escape the rain.

Now before I continue, you have to understand that this “stray” dog actually hung around the hotel and was considered a pet by the owners. I had seen it several times during our stay there, and since it was considered a pet, I felt it would be okay to pet the dog.

I’ll let you decide if that was a good idea or not…

Being the animal lover that I am, I slowly approached the wet, shivering dog since no one else was showing it any attention. The dog was wary when I walked towards it, but it didn’t growl or run off, so I cautiously started petting it.

It seemed like the dog was actually enjoying the rare show of affection, but that changed when someone on the porch thought it would be funny to bark in order to try and scare me. There was just one problem to this plan…

It scared the dog more than it did me.

Startled, the dog turned back and bit the closest thing it could find: my arm. It latched on for a solid two seconds before letting go and running off the porch. Needless to say, my adrenaline was pumping! To this day I’m still wary of large dogs, strays or not.

So kids, the moral of the story: don’t assume that you can go all “animal whisperer” on an animal that isn’t used to human interaction. But if you do decide to dismiss my warning, just make sure no one around is going to bark or make any sudden movements to scare the animal.

How about you? Do you have any crazy animal stories?


4 thoughts on “Stray Dogs

  1. Wow! I remember a VERY similar story in Romania when I was there on a mission trip in 2010. Only… I may have actually seen the girl get bit and may have been the person making the barking noise right behind her. But it’s a hazy memory at this point. Kinda rings a bell though. (Cough cough)
    Moral of the story: look behind you before petting a stray dog OR maybe just wear shark proof gloves when petting stray dogs in a thunder storm. Then again, sometimes I’m not good at determining the moral of the story.

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