Methods of Transportation

Other than the obvious transportation such as cars, buses, trains, etc. (or even more unique ways such as the four-wheeler in the picture above), many Romanians still use one old-fashioned way of getting to town.

You guessed it: horse and buggy.

Believe it or not, this is a very common sight in Romania. Not so much in the big cities, but many people in the rural communities and small towns such as the one above, many people still rely on horses and buggies to get around. I’ve never had the chance to go for a ride, but it looks like fun to me (as long as the weather is nice)!

Most people walk to where they need to go if they live close to town, but the majority of Romanians own some kind of vehicle. Dacias are very common there.

Have you ever used a horse and buggy as transportation? If so, where?

I personally would love to have a Dacia since they’re very fuel efficient. But I have to say, the little guy below looks like fun… šŸ˜‰


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