The Delicious Plăcintă

As much as I love Romanian Joe candies, my favorite Romanian treat has to be what is called a plăcintă (plah-CHIN-tah).

Photo source: Food Crafters blog

A plăcintă is basically a type of stuffed pastry that you can get with either apples, cabbage, cheese, or whatever filling you want inside. My personal favorite is plăcintă cu finetti, which is a plăcintă filled with a chocolatey spread similar to Nutella. The cheese plăcintă (plăcintă cu brânză) is good, but Romanian cheese is oftentimes very strong!

During my trip to Romania this past summer, my fiancé and I took many trips to a particular plăcintă shop. The store owner was really friendly, and although he spoke little English and we spoke little Romanian, we all enjoyed trying to communicate with each other.

One day while at the piaţă, my fiancé and I spotted Dan, the store owner, in his plăcintă stand selling them people in the market. He was so happy to see us that when we tried to pay, he said in his broken English, “For my American friends… bonus!” (He meant to say “free,” but we got the idea. ;))

So if you ever go to Romania, be sure to try a plăcintă at some point during your visit. And try different kinds (if you can get finetti, I highly recommend it). Each person prepares them in a slightly different way as well, so be sure to try more than one. Plus it’s a great way to befriend local store owners. 🙂


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