Romanian Climate

I live in the Southeastern part of the US, so I’m used to hot, humid summers and wet, nearly snowless winters. Romania, on the other hand, is quite different.

Even though it can get really hot in the summer (especially with no air conditioning to help you cool down), the humidity level in Romania is relatively low. So if it’s a rainy or simply overcast day, the temperature can cool down really quickly. I’ve only ever traveled to Romania during the summertime, but even in the middle of summer there were some days where I found myself wearing a jacket!

Some days look like this:

…while others look like this:

Rain or shine, Romania is still pretty awesome. 😉

I have never been to Romania in the winter time, but it’s safe to say that my hometown in the South has never seen as much snow as Romania gets. In fact, last year Romania made international headlines with its record amounts of snowfall. A blizzard buried some villages in as much as 16 feet of snow!

Check out this article from The Washington Post to see more photos from the incident like the one below. I can’t imagine seeing (let alone dealing with) so much snow!

Photo source: Reuters

Photo source: Reuters

Being used to the humidity of the South in the US, I’m not a huge fan of the cold. But it is nice to not be nearly as hot walking around outside in the summertime in Romania as I would be back home.

What about you? What kind of climate do you prefer?


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