Friday’s Findings: Carpathian Mountains

Photo source:

Any mountain lovers out there? 😉

I prefer mountains to the beach any day, so the Carpathian mountain range is one of my favorite things about Romania. It’s the second longest mountain range in Europe after the Scandinavian Mountains, covering parts of Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.

The highest peak is 8,709 feet tall and is in Slovakia, but the Romania’s tallest peak, Moldoveanu, is not far behind at 8,346 feet.

I’ve never done any hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, but I would love to someday. People who have been to these mountains would probably say that pictures don’t do them justice, but for those of us who haven’t gone, they sure are breathtaking!

I found a documentary about the Carpathians that I’ve posted below. Check it out if you’ve got time and want to enjoy some amazing scenery!


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