To the Grocery Store!

So far I’ve only been to two grocery stores in Romania, one being a very large supermarket and the other a small-town store. They’re very similar to stores here, other than the obvious food differences.

Unicarm (above) is a small chain store that is very common throughout the Transylvania region of Romania. This particular grocery store is where I would usually go to get some delicious Joes.

Although largely similar, here are two differences I’ve noticed in Romanian grocery stores in comparison to American ones:

1) Produce is weighed and priced AT the produce section.
In every American grocery store I’ve been in, you simply bag your produce items and they weigh/price them at the checkout. Not so, in Romania! You can’t grab some bananas and expect to walk off to a checkout isle with them. They will tell you to turn back around and get your items priced!

2) You don’t get free plastic bags for your purchases.
In most American grocery stores I’ve been in (other than Aldi, which is actually a European chain), the cashier will scan your items and place them in a plastic bag. In fact, this is so common that I practically never return from the store without one. However, in Romania you either have to pay extra for a bag, or bring your own, just like at Aldi. Kudos to Europeans for being more eco-friendly!

I don’t have any pictures of the inside of Unicarm (take a second to imagine how touristy THAT would look), but I do have a picture of something cool I found over there.

Have you ever heard of chicken-flavored chips? That was a new one for me…


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