Romanian Language Apps

Bună ziua! (Good afternoon!)

Romanian is spoken fluently by around 30 million people around the world. It’s a Latin-based language, and it has (so far) been relatively easy for me to pick up on since I studied Spanish in high school and college.

For anyone interested in learning Romanian, I have listed below some helpful apps I’ve found. But even if you’re not trying to learn the language, it’s always fun to expand your knowledge and impress people with your foreign-language skills. Plus the apps listed below are free!

1) FREE Romanian Essentials by AccelaStudy

I downloaded the free version of this app back in 2011, but since then I’ve upgraded to have access to more vocabulary words. What makes this app so great is that it has a flashcard study option so you can review the vocab you’ve learned.

2) Learn Romanian by Free WordPower

My favorite thing about this app is that it shows how words can be used in different contexts. Plus it has a picture to help visual learners like myself.

3) Romanian Verbs HD by LearnBots

This app focuses on learning how to conjugate Romanian verbs. I’ve found it to be extremely helpful, especially since you can only get so far with nouns alone. 😉

Like most language-building apps, these three have an audio option to help with your pronunciation. It’s good to know the words, but being able to pronounce them correctly is what really impresses people!

Do you have a favorite language app you like to use? If so, share below!


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