I Miss You, Joe!

You’re probably wondering, “Who’s Joe?”

Well in this case, Joe isn’t a person; it’s a type of candy made by Nestle, and it is delicious! The tragedy is that these tasty treats are only sold in Romania.

I’ve never ordered from Gima before, but apparently if you’re a member you can order bags of Joes from them!

I buy several bags like these every time I go to Romania, but I never can make them last longer than a month once I get home. In fact, I can down half a bag of these things without even realizing it!

The wafer-like quality of Joes reminds me a bit of Kit-Kat bars, but they’re not as crunchy. They come in several flavors: chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, honey, apple cinnamon, and more. My favorite flavor is the the one featured in the picture above: chocolate between the wafers and also on the outside. Not all of the flavors are dipped in chocolate. But in my opinion: the more chocolate, the better!

So if you ever go to Romania, be sure to buy some Joes! I highly recommend them. You can find them in just about any gas station or grocery there, unless of course they are sold out because of their wafer-y goodness!


8 thoughts on “I Miss You, Joe!

  1. I find this to be true of so many favorite places. They all have something you love that can only be gotten there. These do sound really good!

    • They are absolutely delicious. Wish I had some for everyone in our class to try! I also had a really good soft drink in Switzerland this summer, but they’re only sold in Switzerland! 😦

  2. I have the same problem! I love this type of chocolate from England called Quality Street. I haven’t been able to find them in the states so when my boyfriend and I went last year I bought 2 boxes for myself and he bought 5. I promise he didn’t eat all 5 boxes (he shared with his family). But I feel your pain! Good chocolate can be so hard to find.

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