Let’s Put This Into Perspective…

I realize that not everyone reading this blog is an expert on Romania, so I thought it’d be good to share some basic facts about the country before diving right into posts about cultural experiences. So here are the three most common questions I am asked about Romania, plus my answers:

Question #1 – Where in the world IS this place?

Thank you, Wikipedia, for colorful maps!
Romania is an Eastern European country that shares a border with Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, and the Black Sea.

Question #2 – What language do Romanians speak?

Romanian. Romanians speak Romanian.

I’m guilty of giving people a funny look when they ask this. In my mind I’m always thinking, “Germans speak German. Hungarians speak Hungarian. Russians speak Russian… Clearly Romanians are going to speak Romanian.”

But then I remember I live in America, and we don’t speak “American” here. And Mexicans don’t speak “Mexican”, Canadians don’t speak Canadian… you get the point.

So if you’re one of those people I’ve ever given a funny look to, I apologize.

Question #3 – What is the weather like?

 In my opinion: nice. Summers days typically average around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (~25 degrees Celsius), and humidity isn’t much of a problem. The winters, however, are very snowy and cold, averaging at around 35 degrees Fahrenheit (~2 degrees Celsius). For someone like me who is used to hot, humid summers and wet winters, Romanian weather is a nice relief!

I’ll be going into detail about the Romanian language later, as well as doing a weather-centric post, so be sure to stick around to learn more about this interesting country!


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